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Using a Program to Record Screen Videos

I was recently browsing the internet when I came across a really cool, and totally free, software.  This is a software program that will allow you to record screen shots in video format so that you can basically record all of your favorite video clips and save them to your computer.  This is something that can be incredibly useful for a number of different applications.  First of all, if you are a gamer, this is something that will let you record your game play in video format so that you can later share it with friends.  This really is the simplest way to record your game play if you are a gamer who wants to start a YouTube channel dedicated to posting gaming videos. 

record screen

    This can also be useful in a number of other applications.  For instance, if you are streaming a football game on your computer, you may not have any kind of DVR set up in order to capture the video file.  This can work just like a DVR for your TV, and it will allow you to record whatever is streaming on your computer at the time.  You could even possibly set it up to record a game that you are not on your computer to watch, although the timing of doing such a thing might be a little bit difficult.  Either way, it is definitely a cool little tool for sports fans who like to stream sports on the internet and want to be able to record the games.

    I would definitely suggest that anyone who has any need to record streaming video take a look at this free software program.  You might find it to be a useful tool that does not even cost you a single dime.